Health insurance and charge for medical care

The Student Health Center offers quality medical care at very low cost and is available to all registered students. It is not necessary that a student have insurance to use facility’s services.

For students that do have health insurance coverage under EU law and international contracts need the document (EUKzz, certificate replacing EUKzz or Medicare card, MedZZ) otherwise the medical service and the prescribed medication should be paid directly.

It is important to understand that insurance sometimes not cover all testing or procedures you may require.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the insurance carrier concerning coverage of medical care while away from home. Insurance is required for all international students. Insurance help you to pay charges for emergency or urgent care, emergency room and hospitalization.

Medical insurance carried by the following:

  • EUKzz, certificate, replacing EUKzz or Medicare card (foreign insured persons under EU law);
    With EUKzz or certificate letter foreign insured persons are eligible for emergency or necessary medical care only required in accordance with European law. When necessary health care and services to take account the nature of medical care and the expected length of stay in each country are important. Doctors who take control over treatment identify the scope and the range of health service, with the crucial definition of the expected length of stay abroad, as the insured persons for a long time living in a particular country (for example, students studying abroad, job seekers) are entitled to a wider range of rights than a traveler who resides in the country a short time (for example, an insured person on a business or private trips);
  • Certificate MedZZ – foreign insured persons from countries subject to international treaty, countries of the former Yugoslavia, MedZZ certificate is issued by regional unit Health Insurance Company (Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije). Patients with this certificate have right to emergency medical treatment and emergency medical care and services. In the case of broader scope of rights they are reflected in the certificates MedZZ.

Charges for services

For international students that do have insurance certificates as EUKzz, certificate, Medicare card or certificate MedZZ some charges could be aplicable, Voluntary Health Insurance company will not pay the difference to the full value of their health care and service.

International students without insurance must pay the cost of medical services directly.

Commercial insurance

The patients with commercial (travel) insurance (for example Coris) must pay the cost for medical care and services directly.


Appomintment prior to visit is highly reccomendable – phone:

01/200 74 26
01/200 74 29
01/200 74 28
01/200 74 36
01/200 74 37
01/200 74 48

Students experiencing severe illness or injury during regular hours may come in directly for care in the Acute Care/Trauma Clinic, located in Njegoševa street Emergency Center nearby Clinical Center Ljubljana. In all emergency life threatening situations call 112.

Patients with chronic disease

Patients with chronic disease should have “a letter from her/his doctor”. From the document must be clearly understood the diagnosis of the disease and the list of all the medication and drugs necessary for chronic diseases treatment.